Just Do It!

My name is Emily. A little over a year ago, I graduated college. Many of my friends and classmates have reflected recently on what it means to graduate and the year that has passed since we crossed that stage. Some described the year as a roller coaster of ups, downs, twists, and turns. Others described it as a series of opportunities and decisions strung together like a necklace with each pearl carefully chosen. When I look back on my year since graduating, I see a needle moving and in and out of fabric over and over.

I started planning Lynn & Rosie Designs with my mom, Betsey, and sister, Sara, long before graduation via Pinterest boards, brainstorm texts, over hot chocolate during winter breaks and margaritas during the summer. Together, we came up with a vision for a quilt and crafting company that offers beautiful designs and a creative ethos to carry you anywhere in life. We all have roots in traditional quilting and various crafts, but with Lynn & Rosie Designs, we’re excited to update classics both in style and technique.

Quilting, crafting, and building Lynn & Rosie Designs has filled my year since graduation. And yes, there have been ups, downs, opportunities and choices. It’s all built up to this. The day I hit publish on our first blog post.

Every Tuesday, one of the Lynn & Rosie Designs team will offer a tip. Many tips will be techniques and tricks to try, but some, like this one, will be motivators. Today’s tip is to just do whatever it is you’ve been planning. There’s always more planning and preparation that can be done, but if you never start doing what you’re planning, it may never happen. So this is your permission to stop planning and start doing.

Happy creating!


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