Lynn & Rosie Designs offers beautiful quilt and crafting designs and a creative ethos to carry you anywhere in life.


Sara Lynn (left) and Emily Rosa (right) along with their mother, Betsey (not pictured) put their heads together after wishing for a way to unite their creative forces. The result was Lynn & Rosie Designs.

But the story begins under a set of antique quilt frames. Betsey learned to quilt from her Grandmother-In-Law, Grandma Mary, and inherited her frames. Emily and Sara grew up playing under the quilt frames, and as soon as they were old enough, Betsey called them up to play with needle, thread, and fabric instead.

These days, the whole family covers every creative thing from quilting, applique, embroidery, macrame, crochet, knitting, collage, painting, drawing, writing, photography, and more. Which brings us to now. Our mission is to inspire the kind of creativity that brings such joy to our lives through quilting and crafting.